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Intellectual Property Facilitation Cell (IPFC)

To assist the MSMEs and other prospective entrepreneurs to have an access to best practices for identification, protection and management of IPR as a business tool,IPFC has been established at MSME-DI, Ahmedabad and with the help of CII at Ahmedabad.

The primary objective of setting up of IP Facilitation Centre is to guide MSME and other target beneficiaries regarding utilization of IP tools and technologies for better management of their intellectual property related needs.

The specific objectives of the centre are as under:

  • Building Awareness on Intellectual Property Rights
  • To provide computerized facilities for searching/mapping, etc. with respect to patents, industrial designs, trade secrets, etc.
  • To provide basic information to file an application for grant of patent, GI, industrial design, trademarks, etc.
  • To facilitate successful transfer and commercialization of technologies.
  • To facilitate collaboration with potential clients for exploring possibilities for technology tie-ups and upscaling needs.
  • To provide information on best IPR practices.
  • To provide guidance in filing applications with national/international agencies andexecution of other documents concerning to licensing technology transfer agreements, etc.
  • To advise beneficiaries on legal remedies available on issues such as infringement, duplication of patent/ industrial designs, etc.
  • These Centers work in close association with the National / Regional IPR authority and other National/ International Agencies administering implementation of IPR related matters.